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Is Air Duct Cleaning Really Worth It?

Is Air Duct Cleaning Really Worth It?

With the modern era, air ductcleaning became as most of the cleaning services more popular than before. Ifyou wonder whether having your HVAC ducts cleaned worth it or not,here’s some info that will help you decide.


When you hire a professional airduct cleaners, you will find them work only with heavy-duty and advancedvacuums, blowers, brushes, and more to clean all your ducts blockage and fans,air handler, motors, grilles, and the coils of HVAC.


Recent studies didn’t prove thatregular air duct cleaning will enhance or reduce your indoor air quality.However, dirt and dust can affect your air ducts’ efficiency and work.


Although air duct cleaning doesn’tseem important and necessary for some, there some cases that your HVAC cleaningcould be useful. Lots of people wondering “Should I clean up my air ducts?”


HereIs The Answer:

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA)declared that we must not clean our air duct on a regular basis unless itis really dirty and requires effective cleaning. If you have air vents that arefull of spores, dirt, dust and other pollutions.

You only have to clean your ducts insome cases:

  • Remodeling: in case you remodel your house, there will be dust & dirt out of paint, abatement, and asbestos. If you aren’t covering your air ducts, in this case, it will be full of dangerous debris & dirt that must be cleaned quickly.
  • Mold: if you have moisture inside your ducts this will lead to serious mold buildup which must be cleaned right away.
  • Pollutants: when you notice that their bad odors, pet hair, debris or any other pollutants or dust smell being released inside your house right after vacuuming & cleaning up the air duct registers, this means that your air ducts need immediate cleaning.
  • Animals: if you suspect that there an animal nesting inside your HVAC system or your ducts, you must prior get rid of the animal & then start cleaning your HVAC
  • Disease: if you have someone inside your house who suffers from breathing problems or allergy, you must take all the necessary precautions to make him/her feel comfortable and breathe well by cleaning your ductwork if you think this is the cause.

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